There is an arrangement of objects in a gallery or art space. I've just scoured the web for this. Guide sounds good. sH Pour travailler l’expression en lecture orale avec les élèves, plusieurs petites activités peuvent être animées. Doesn't work for me for this reason: I think he means la pollution (visuelle). To VIEWING the damn things. Whichever way ones goes the eventual phrase is likely to mix discourses as what seems to be read is a set of objects not texts. Watch Queue Queue Only discussions that contribute to finding solutions and do not aggravate are permitted. sH your proposed "an unpolluted experience / interpretation (of the space/display)" without distractions: yes, this is basically the intended meaning, and your wording works well. Set against the walls or around the room, the objects act like filters that veil what need not be seen, offering/fostering/an unpolluted experience/interpretation (of the space/display) without drowning the viewer in useless information.". Within days a temporary structure was in place to restore services to the site in the form of a temporary structure that contained all the required facilities for the service area to function. ! Further, Rhodes College reserves the right to establish a reasonable time, place, and manner for all such activities. v��DB��%J��������Ф+{,l������=�� Perhaps this is what you mean Jane? Après avoir échangé avec les élèves, on a opté pour "l'intention". Steve Crampton . $ � � V � ) � ! ! February 7, 2017. This is going off on a side-track which has nothing to do with the notion of "grille de lecture" - and THAT is the term and concept that need translating. I think it is best to avoid translating "grille de lecture". So können Sie je nach Einsatzzweck das am besten geeignete Modell auswählen und, falls erwünscht, dieses mit einem Subwoofer kombinieren, wenn vor Ort ein besonders kraftvoller Tiefbass benötigt wird. ������=������ ����C?�h�v=��Ʌ��%[xp��{۵_�Pѣ�H�0���O�R�Bd���JE�4b$��q_����6L��R�7`�������0̞O��,�En7�Li�b��/�S���e��е���� �� PK ! � Comment. � v v v v v d� � $If gd_u+ { kdL $$If �l � �0 ��4L, � Ffion, please read the entire sentence. ) APELLIDO: Nombre: CONNAISSANCE DU TEXTE. !��"��#��$��%� ������Dp � $$If � !v h5� �5�#v �#v:V �l l 4� a� 2 k ��� 2 A u c u n e l i s t e PK ! l a� yt_u+ � A new European headquarters for the global business and financial information leader, Bloomberg, opened in October 2017. 0 1 2 3 LES ENCHA�NEMENTS entre les r�pliques des personnages 0 1 2 VOIX AUDIBLE 0 1 2 TOTAL SUR 20 * H I b o � � � � � � � � � + , - / < Y Z � � � � � � � � � � � ( Supports the Dante audio network, and use a slim line-array configuration, making them an easy fit perfectly for conference rooms (in the size range of 12m × 10m) that demand voice clarity while imposing numerous constraints on space, and require both functionality and a sense of design. ������ο������������������������������������������ h� As it is how the objects are laid out, that is not really, even in French, a grille de lecture. Also, you may put in experience if you like, though for me, I think that is slightly too much. Suggestions much appreciated. As stated it is just one suggestion in a debate. I'd forget about grille de lecture....the arrangement works best here.... grille de lecture, literally< a reading guide, here, a viewing arrangement. Margaret's comment at 01 3:37 PM (NB: yes, I also mentioned the word "guide" earlier). Ergo, the author calls that SET UP for viewing objects, the curator's grille de lecture. t � �0 � � � � � � � 65� �5�yt_u+ ^ 2 � � � � 0 @ P ` p � � � � � � 2 ( � � 0 @ P ` p � � � � � � 0 @ P ` p � � � � � � 0 @ P ` p � � � � � � 0 @ P ` p � � � � � � 0 @ P ` p � � � � � � 0 @ P ` p � � 8 X � V ~ _HmHnHsHtH R `�� R _u+ N o r m a l d �� CJ OJ QJ _HaJ mHsHtH : A ��� : P o l i c e p a r d � f a u t V i@��� V T a b l e a u N o r m a l � 4� Here he explains the design choices he made. I think I finally understand what Jane is trying to say - the way the objects are arranged deters the viewer from looking at the unnecessary (I yet have to fathom out what the unnecessary is frankly, but there you go)and makes the viewer focus, in the correct order, the objects in the light they are intended to be viewed - now Jane is this "grille" and actual physical object or is abstract? The College may or may not choose to promote an event depending on availability of resources or the nature of the event. As with all requests to use College space, in order to further the effectiveness of the event and to avoid any conflicts in scheduling, faculty and staff organizers of expressive activity events that require the use of a College space are expected to reserve the space on the Events Management online portal. Violations of this policy include activities that. t � �0 � � � � � � � 65� �5�yt_u+ � $$If � !v h5� �5�#v �#v:V �l � @�}�w��7c�(Eb�ˮ�� C�AǠҟ����7��՛K Y,� �e�.���|,���H�,l����xɴ��I�sQ}#Ր���� ֵ+�!�,�^�$j=�GW���)�E�+& t � �0 � � � � � � � 6� � � �� � �� � �� � �4� 4� English Translation of “grille de lecture” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. ! NB: it isn't just "viewing", it means reading the meaning of the concept, or design, in the sense of "interpreting", "understanding", "decoding" etc. Steve Crampton. Raconter la scène de la perspective du père. "Posé contre les murs ou dans l’espace, les objets agissent comme des filtres, permetant de masquer ce que nous n’avons pas besoin de voir. sorry but no, again - ["this is NOT what a grille de lecture is"] and no, ["it DOES NOT mean a standard model"]: it is "most definitely, absolutely, certainly, surely, categorically" (just borrowing your favorite adverbs :) NOT the meaning. These co-curricular or extra-curricular activities are a core part of the life of the College. A discreet, but effective ventilation system became a key part of the design for the revolutionary educational building that went on to win this year’s RIBA North West Award. Arrangments of object give rise to READINGS of works. Swimming Pools. Fluidité de la lecture. and to avoid viewing the unnecessary - is that it? Hello Margaret and thank you! Es ist daher kein Problem, auf der Suche nach den optimalen Lautsprechern für Ihren Standort hier fündig zu werden. � � : GRILLE D'EVALUATION DE LECTURE EXPRESSIVE Dialogue " �Qu� no aguanto m�s! How objects are arranged (in the middle of the space and on the walls) is not a technically, a grille de lecture anyway. @Jane: the sentence you quote above as being mine, is not... Ref. Perhaps uncluttered is better. Die angezeigten Farben und Ausführungen können von den tatsächlichen Produkten abweichen. t � �0 � � � � � � � 65� �5�yt_u+ � $$If � !v h5� �5�#v �#v:V �l P 1�h0:p_u+ ��A ��. � Should the organizer wish promotional support from the Office of Communication, such requests must be made in a timely manner (usually, at least 3 weeks in advance of the event). t � �0 � � � � � � � 6� � � �� � �� � �� � �4� 4� )NLi�Y]wp��f \}@U4�p � v v v v v d� � $If gd_u+ { kd� $$If �l � �0 ��4L, � ���� [Content_Types].xmlPK- ! The VXL series includes three models with different numbers of speaker units. Contact. з��k*V��w�4v�B��*��1�e���F8N���De�{rB�]���;���~��Bwߦ�q���� �f�g&B�J�S�c��]9f걍��+�P ���"���B� {RU&l+��pNjn�����5wO�]a>��-�oK���/������vV[����6ŦE�v�c��@M�.M�,a��0�י�! © Copyright Swegon 2020. ! Perdiswell Leisure Centre, Worcester. What exactly is in in reality? Les programmes de 2008 sont très discrets sur la lecture à voix haute : Lire à haute voix avec fluidité et de manière expressive un texte de plus de dix lignes, après préparation. l a� yt_u+ ? It has been a decade since the ground-breaking renovation project of 55 Baker Street in London, reinventing a 1950s office building into a contemporary urban hub of living, leisure, office and retail spaces. A prominent building, situated along the east end of London’s south bank, has recently undergone a thorough refurbishment, with Air Diffusion, Actionair and Naco products being installed throughout the building. Justification d’une réponse C4 -lit à haute voix rapidement. t � �0 � � � � � � � 65� �5�yt_u+ � $$If � !v h5� �5�#v �#v:V �l

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